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Data Modernization Solution

Enable your data marketplace

Your next-gen data marketplace

由马驱动协作和释放的生产力king data, reports, APIs and models easily discoverable and readily available through your very own marketplace. Let your teams easily buy and sell data with self-service, intuitive access to trusted data in one central location.

66% Percentage of companies that say they waste time asking the same questions about data.1
61% Percentage of data consumers who say they lack insights into who is using data and for what purpose.1

Democratize your data

Get full visibility into all of your data

Gain visibility into data assets from across the organization, including reports, machine learning and AI models, APIs, data sets and other business information, with full context from one location.

Maximize data literacy

Allow your teams to share a common language around data. Provide full business context, automated data lineage, data quality metrics and crowdsourced feedback.

Support quick and easy data shopping to accelerate decision making

Allow business users to shop for data, reports, models and other data assets through a business-friendly, easy-to-use interface with powerful, contextual search.

Manage risks by ensuring compliant data usage and access

Ensure policies are adhered to and data access is granted in compliance with usage and privacy policies. Securely scale your marketplace with robust security and permissioning features.

Leverage a single solution that scales with your business

Stand up a comprehensive solution that includes data catalog, data governance, data lineage, data quality and privacy capabilities to ensure your data is compliant and discoverable.

The Collibra advantage

Intuitive data shopping experience

轻松地获得需要的数据通过添加relevant assets to your data basket and checking out to request access from the data owner.

Powerful, contextual search

Search using keywords, filter the results according to your needs, and preview results to find the most relevant data for your purpose.

Enterprise data catalog

Connect to data sources and tools, both on-prem and in the cloud. Classify and add business context to cataloged data with machine learning automation.

Embedded data governance and privacy

Leverage data governance and privacy capabilities to standardize definitions, establish ownership and implement policies so only trusted, compliant data is accessed.

Granular security controls

Use role-based permissioning to control user access to data assets, resources and capabilities. Use asset-level security controls to ensure security and privacy.

Active metadata graph

Build a graph that connects business, technical and privacy metadata with data quality and lineage information to provide rich content and context to all users.

Customer stories

Enable your data marketplace today

Organize data into a searchable marketplace and make critical information easier to find, understand, access and use.

Dive deeper

TDWI Pulse: Building a data literate organization

Analyst report

TDWI Pulse: Building a data literate organization

What is data democratization?


What is data democratization?

Start your data intelligence journey today

石头r our products

石头r our products

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Start a free trial

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