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在我们目前的快节奏社会中,数据正在快速生成。在2020年,人类每天都会产生2.5千万千分之一的数据,并在年底44 Zettabytes将构成整个数字宇宙。但所有这些数据在哪里?如何存储它以及它如何使用?


许多组织将它们的数据存储在一个数据湖, which is a central repository that houses large volumes of raw data, including structured, semistructured and unstructured data. Typically, an organization’s data lake stores data from multiple different sources across the enterprise. But a data lake can easily become a data swamp if it is not properly governed. And without a data catalog, it is impossible to easily find, understand and trust the data in your data lake, resulting in decreased productivity and increased cost.

The challenges of an ungoverned data lake

Without a governance foundation and a data catalog in place, you risk not getting the full value out of your data lake investment. In fact, according to anIDC研究, in some cases, organizations experienced a productivity loss of 25% when they did not implement a governed data catalog on top of their data lake. An ungoverned data lake can result in:

  • Difficulty finding and understanding data.Without the business context around data, it is hard to know what data is in the lake, what the data means, who owns it and whether it’s relevant for use.
  • Lack of trust in the data.There is no visibility into where data in the lake is coming from or if it is accurate or trustworthy to use.
  • Inability to access the data.数据所有者无法控制数据湖中的数据是如何使用的,因此它们必须限制跨企业的访问,以确保符合数据的使用。

Ultimately, an ungoverned data lake can cost an organization millions of dollars due to time wasted trying to find the right data for analysis, which is a massive loss for any organization.



  • 提升数据湖Roi。Increase data lake adoption by ensuring the data in your data lake can be easily searched for, understood, trusted and ultimately used.
  • 优化资源。狗万新闻cReduce time spent by data scientists and analysts hunting for the right data by enabling them to easily find and access data in the data lake.
  • Reduce risk.Set and enforce policies so data is accessed and used in a compliant manner.


      It is clear from the statistics above that it is necessary to govern your data lake. Without robust, integrated governance and a data catalog, you risk your data lake turning into a data swamp, which dramatically decreases the value of your data lake investment. Collibra Data Catalog has embedded governance and privacy capabilities, which ensure users always have access to the most accurate and trusted data across the enterprise. In addition, our ML-动力自动化功能和本机,自动化谱系将必要的业务环境添加到您的数据中,以便更好地了解数据湖中的数据。新万博移动客户端Collibra数据目录帮助了众多客户,如大型全球汽车公司,轻松查找,理解,信任和访问其数据湖中的数据。对于这些客户,一个governed data lake increases productivity, revenue, cost savings and ROI, making a governed data lake a priority for these data-driven organizations.

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